“He certainly did me a favor when he turned me over to you.”
Pamela F.

“You were the best! Thank you!”
Bill H.

“Thank you for your advice.”
Roma P.

“Thank you for all your help and continued support. Fantastic job!”
Ruth C

“I have a very good feeling about working with everyone at Wischhover & Assoc.”
Shirlee R.

“Your commitment to helping our members is sincerely appreciated. Thanks again for your generous support and your exceptional services.”
Mary A.

“Mr. Wischhover is held in high esteem by his colleagues in the practice of law as well as the general community. His integrity is of the highest order and his reputation for honesty and fair dealing are impeccable. Mr. Wischhover’s attention to detail, promptness and insight into people’s needs have been favorably noted in all circumstances.”
Daniel W.

“Your office is exceptional and a terrific asset to the community.”
Ted E.

“The Board would like to express our thanks to you again in listening to our concerns and giving suggestions.”
Rochelle J.

“I want to thank you and your outstanding staff for your most competent assistance in bringing this matter to a successful resolution. Being in this profession myself, it is so rewarding to work with people who actually know what they’re doing!”
Pamela F.